Ever Foster a Bunny?

He Hopped Into Our Lives
Bun Bun Beautiful EyesI heard noise in front of our house so I went outside. Paul and Ailene’s car (friends from our neighborhood) was parked at the end of our driveway, running, with Paul in the driver’s seat looking at his phone. Aileen and my husband, Kevin, were nowhere in sight. I walked toward Paul and asked where everybody was. Paul didn’t even look up.
Trying to catch a bunny next door.
Huh?” Was my response.

Paul sort of waves behind him. I look and see Kevin and Aileen talking to the underside of our neighbor’s car. I walk over to see what they are doing. Sure enough, there’s a little white fuzzy bunny under the car, looking frightened. I joined in on the rescue immediately!

We finally got the bunny into a cat carrier. We brought him into our house, and into the spare bathroom. Now what? Poor little thing was so scared, he was shaking. Kevin said we should call him Bun Bun. So … Bun Bun it was. Bun Bun was petrified: shaking, making weird noises. We had no idea what to do with this fuzzy little thing. So, we examined it. He was small, white, fuzzy, and very soft. He calmed down after petting him for a few minutes. His fur was in perfect shape. There were no matts or dirt. He must have escaped from somewhere. His eyes … wow! They are crystal blue: Absolutely gorgeous!

First – we needed to figure out if someone was missing Bun Bun. Our neighborhood has an online forum so we posted a picture of Bun Bun, and we waited. Nothing. People posted how adorable he was. People posted how cute he was. People asked if he was friendly. But nobody posted they lost him. Well, at least nobody said they did.

Here we were: a bunny and no idea what to do with him. So, we did what we thought was proper. We went and got lettuce and carrots. Bun Bun seemed to like it so Bun Bun Munchingwe thought we were on the right track. But now what? I decided to do some research, try to find a rabbit rescue or something that could take Bun Bun or at least show us how to care for him, how to get him ready for adoption.

We happened upon Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue (TBHRR). They have been wonderful! A vat of information. A volunteer came out the day we contacted them and gave us some rabbit supplies. They are also setting up an in-home class to educate us on proper bunny care. Now Bun Bun has his hay, proper food, and we know how to handle him. We will have him for a few months. He must be neutered (scheduled for July 7), then he can be adopted.

He’s growing into quite the handsome bunny! He’s developing his own little personality. When he likes you, he runs around you in circles and make this “bbbbbzzzzzzz” noise. If he really likes you, he’ll ‘flop’ near you. This is when the bunny is standing, then literally flops down. It’s so adorable! Lately, he’s been doing this very odd thing: he comes up to you and scratches at you. Just this morning, he hopped onto my lap and got on his hind quarters and stared at me. I think he was saying thank you.

Interested in adopting Bun Bun? Let us know. For more information about TBHRR, visit their website. Please consider being a foster – or even adopting – a bunny!