Infographic Resume

HieroglyphicsWhat is an infographic? An Infographic is a visual image to represent info or data. A lot of people are visual, therefore infographics help relay info. Infographics have been in existence since (are you ready for this?) about 32,000 years ago!! Yup – that’s right. The cave paintings from 30,000 BC could be considered infographics. They were a visual representation of data. Egyptian hieroglyphics (from around 3000 BC) are also infographics depicting the stories of life, religion, and wars.

Needless to say, infographics are nothing new. As time has passed, infographics have evolved to accommodate the new media environments. They are also used as resumes. What a great idea!

I recall decades ago applying for a job as a Marketing Director for an educational company. Their main focus for marketing was brochure direct mail. I wanted to stand out from the many other applicants they had, so I designed a “brochure resume.” It worked! I was interviewed, hired, and spend ten years with this amazing company. When I hire designers for CCLd, a creative resume is always the first ones that catch our eye.

However, there are some who believe infographic resumes can hurt you. Why? Well … if you’re applying for a non-creative job, an infographic resume is not appropriate. Also – if you ARE applying for a creative job, make sure you design it yourself and do it well. You’re advertising your design talents and this is your first impression.

Have you ever used an infographic resume? What were the results? We’d love to see what it looks like!