Merlin Wins Best in Class

An avid Ford Mustang fan, CCLd owner – Heather – won Best in Class for her 2012 Ford Mustang MCA Special Edition. She bought Merlin (yes … that is his name) new in 2011. He wasn’t a planned purchase … but that’s a story for another blog.

Merlin is a Mustang Club of America special edition Mustang. He is Ford Performance Group certified build #5 out of 107 Grabber Blue MCA’s made in 2012. He hasn’t received a lot of modifications because Heather wanted to keep his MCA originality. He only has a new Rousch intake. However, now that he’s getting older, the mod list from American Muscle is growing. First on the list? A Roush axle back exhaust.

On March 18, 2017, Heather decided to enter Merlin in the 30th Annual Mustang-Shelby-Ford Show. She wanted to learn what needs to be done to Merlin to win a show. Merlin was entered in the “Daily Driver, less than 3 mods” class (as Merlin is a daily driver with 51K miles). Much to her surprise, she won best in class! It was a great day for her and Merlin.

Merlin the Mustang