Hosting, Design, Development – Websites Require Planning & Thought (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome to part 3 of our 3-part series: Hosting, Design, Development. This month we will tackle development.

You’ve got your domain, your hosting is secured (preferably through WP Engine for your WordPress site), your design is set. It’s time to begin development. Web development is the non-design aspects of your website: writing code and markup.

Web development can be as simple as coding a static page, or as complex as coding an eCommerce website. The most common websites to date are Content Management Systems (CMS). CMS can be developed from scratch or open source CMS can be used (such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla).

Hiring a web developer can be daunting. A resume doesn’t reflect how good a web developer the person is. They may have years of experience, however that doesn’t mean they are good at it. It’s particularly difficult to hire a web developer if you don’t have the first clue how to be a web developer. A few things to look for are experience in the following areas:

  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JQuery
  • PHP7
  • Javascript

You’ll also want to see examples of websites the developer has created in the past. Make sure they did all the developing, or most of it. Dig into the site. Check everything: links, structure, positioning. Check to make sure the site is responsive (views well on phones and tablets). A good developer will cost much more but in the end, it’s worth it. It’s better to pay more up front than have to pay more when the site is completed because it’s not done properly.

Websites are intricate projects. It takes a team of people to create a well tuned website. It also takes patience, time, and … did I mention patience? If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

*This 3-part blarticle (blog article) is very simplistic in nature. A lot goes into web design and development.